Every day, thousands of kids in Texas wake up and go to school just down the hall from–or even in–their bedrooms. They have actual teachers and actual courses, which they can complete whenever they want. And it’s all free. I got to write about these virtual education schools for Texas Monthly.  After five months of […]

I think I got a lot out of this summer. Connections, lessons learned, new talents, course credit, five more pounds on my hips, a roomier bank account, and such. But the biggest thing I think I am driving away with is perspective. I know that’s vague or whatever, but I think–outside of what I learned […]

I’ve been dreading writing this post–about as much as I dread graduation. Like, yay  school is over, but then what? Yay I’m done trekking to Austin once a week and yay I don’t have to deal with public transportation on a regular basis for a while. While finally making it to my car after several […]

So the last week of production is called week 4 (as I’ve mentioned before) and it’s crazy. Wednesday we got to check out the true craziness as we watched a story go through it’s final stages. The story was written by Katy Vine and is about a certain explosion that happened a few months ago. […]

I tend to get this feeling that I’m increasingly more “adult”-like. For instance, when I grocery shop and I take a second to consult my list and think what I want to make for dinner… five days in advance… and I’m like “wait what am I doing. I’m a nomadic free spirit” Or when someone […]

So I hate leaving Houston. Driving on I10 and passing the Beltway is hard. Not harder than waking up at 7 to be on the road at 7:30, but that’s not even it. I just get really sad leaving Houston! ANNNNNDDDD then I get to Austin and I remember how worth it this all is. […]

So every day I drove/rode the bus to work from E. Stassney to downtown, I had to pass South Congress. I would look hopelessly at the trendy boutiques, the hipster cafes and endless odd ball shops. Finallllyy, I was able to walk through the district of fabulousness after work on Friday. My mom, who came […]

Today at TM we had a meeting with the copy editors, who by the way were adorable. Who knew copy editors were so chic?! Any ways, it was awesome. Totally fangirled out over little grammar tricks of the trade. I also want to buy all the books they used so I can be just like […]

OK, not in the abusive alcoholic way but in the nomadic writer way. I’m a little bit homeless in Austin right now. Helppppp…. whatever. It happens. So yeah, I forgot to blog on Friday… whatever. It happens. Just think of Day 23 as the 13th floor of Wayside School.  AH so I had my last […]

I’ve considered myself a consistent blogger. I try to provide details and pictures… Well blame it on my cold, but I’m not having it for Thursdays blog. Super tired and miserable. Annnd I didn’t take any pictures. 😦 next time guys!